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We offer 3 Primary programmes, including Primary with Maths, which our trainees are engaged in.  Please see our programmes on the right for more details. 


adam melling.jpgAdam Melling - General Primary

Throughout my career I have work in many diverse environments. Within all of these positions I have worked in a positive, committed and passionate manner. During my time as a lettings agent and a recruitment consultant I discovered the importance of relationship building. Positive trustworthy relationships I believe are the key to success, if you do not share the same ethos as those around you then it can be very difficult to achieve your objective. This can be transferred to the classroom. I believe whole-heartedly in inclusion for all pupils. Inclusion within lessons is paramount for children to learn; in order for learning to take place all pupils must experience a level playing field. I have high expectations for myself and for all children that I teach; I look to challenge and stretch them in order for them to achieve their potential. I consistently behave in a professional manner and model clearly to the children exactly how I expect them to behave.  More information...

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amanda taylor.jpgAmanda Taylor - General Primary

I am a mature NQT with over ten years of experience working across all primary year groups as a Teaching Assistant.

My experience ranges from working 1:1 with an autistic pupil and in small groups with SEND and dyslexic children, through to covering full classes for extended periods. 

My passion and enthusiasm for teaching extends to all subjects but I have particular strengths in English, Science and Art.

My confidence and collaborative nature has been demonstrated whilst working with outside agencies such as speech and language therapists, occupational and physical therapists and through involvement in meetings with parents, the school SENDCO, governors and senior management.

My experiences in teaching, as a film and TV make up designer, and as a mother of three boys has given me all the skills required to work within diverse teams under pressure while still understanding the individual needs of every child such that they can fulfil their potential. More information...

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amy judkins.jpgAmy Judkins - General Primary

Hello, my name is Amy. I am calm and approachable NQT with a strong interest in languages.  I have spent my training year at Rectory C.E. Primary School and have built strong relationships with members of staff and children. I have had experience of teaching core and foundation subjects in year 4 and I spent a month teaching and observing in year 1. I am particularly proud of how I have taken on board any feedback from my mentor and other staff members to develop and continue improving my teaching.

I have a strong interest in languages. At university I studied Spanish with TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). During my A Levels, I studied French. My love of languages is something that I would love to pass on to children. I look forward to being part of a team and making a difference to children’s lives.

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annabelle marsh.jpgAnnabelle Marsh - General Primary

I am a considerate and passionate teacher. I always makes an effort to ensure that my pupils are enjoying their learning. I strive to make my classroom environment stimulating and provide engaging activities. I believe that one of the most important factors in learning is that children feel happy and safe within their classroom so they can engage fully with their learning. I am currently completing my qualified teacher status. I have experience teaching in a Year Four classroom at St Michaels CE Primary School, where I quickly became a part of the school team.   More information...

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Aofie McAleenan.jpgAofie McAleenan - General Primary

My name is Aoife and I am currently based in St Silas Primary School in Toxteth. Throughout the year, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a Year 5 class and a Year 2 class. Teaching has always been my passion and I am eager to promote a love for learning throughout my future career. I am compassionate, caring and approachable and feel that I have grown even more confident as the year has progressed. I believe that I quickly became a part of the school team, consistently modelling the Christian ethos and values of the school, encouraging pupils to maintain the high standards of behaviour that I and the school expect of them and ensuring that each and every child felt welcome in St Silas. I consider myself to be dedicated and enthusiastic with regards to every lesson I teach and I am so excited to begin the next step in my career! More information...

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Bethany Carter.jpgBethany Carter - Salaried

With 6 years of experience as a primary school practitioner, I have a broad range of skills and values including team work, passion, classroom management, time management and compassion. I have recently transitioned seamlessly into a teaching position across a Year 2 cohort

I am passionate about nurturing children’s natural curiosity and love for learning, so that each child can reach their full potential. I have extensive experience in teaching phonics effectively, and use this to support independent writing within year 2. I have also recently travelled to France to take part in a languages teaching course that developed my knowledge of how best to support the teaching and learning of MFL in schools.

Throughout remote learning, I have gone above and beyond to support the mental health and wellbeing of both my students and families. This demonstrated my core beliefs that schools are at the heart of the wider community. More information...

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christine ohagan.jpgChristine O'Hagan - General Primary

I am a mature student with placements in both year 1 and year 3. Throughout my placements, I have often been praised for my behaviour management. It has been noted that I always set high expectations of my class and explain what is expected from them at the start of my lessons.

My mentors have described me as enthusiastic, dedicated and able to develop positive professional relationships with other members of staff. During my placement I have fitted naturally into the school environment and respond well to feedback from my mentors.

During both placements I attended phonics training and delivered phonics lessons to my year 1 class. I have been able to use my placement year to understand how to use assessment to ensure children make progress.   More information...

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cody rochelle morris.jpgCody-Rochelle Morris - General Primary

I am an enthusiastic NQT who values great professional relationships. I am an advocate for equality, mental health, and LGBTQ rights. I understand the value of creating pleasure for reading from a young age and recognise the lifelong positive outcomes reading can create. I am a nurturing and kind teacher who understands the importance of celebrating individuality and creating a safe place where every child can achieve greatness.

I have been teaching in Year One at St Michael’s Catholic Primary where I have become part of the school family where I quickly settled into the Catholic ethos. I have shown a natural love of teaching and this passion has been evident in my behaviour management and differentiation. During the current climate I have adapted to home learning, whilst taking full class responsibilities for the key worker and vulnerable children. I am hopeful to gain experiences in further year groups once it is advisable to do so.
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elaine morgan.jpgElaine Morgan - Primary with Maths

I am a mature, conscientious, enthusiastic student teacher, having worked for over 25 years in a senior health informatics role in the NHS. One of the most rewarding aspects of my previous career was providing progression opportunities. I have been able to realise my lifelong ambition to become a teacher and am currently on placement at St Michael with St Thomas School. I have developed effective teaching skills and practices, as evidenced by pupil progress, and have established strong positive relationships with staff and children at the school. I am passionate about teaching and believe in making ‘every lesson count’ to encourage, inspire and motivate pupils to be kind, work hard, enjoy learning, and strive to reach their full potential. Other achievements to date include, supporting the school in setting up an effective engaging accessible remote learning platform, enhancing assessment monitoring processes and improving pupil progress reporting.  More information...

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faye larsen.jpgFaye Larsen - General Primary

From volunteering at an early age, I recognised my embedded determination to work towards giving children an equal start in life. Teaching gives me the ability to achieve this by sharing my enthusiasm towards learning. I aim to create a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment in which everyone is mutually respected.

Developing subject knowledge, understanding the importance of differentiation, building and maintaining effective behaviour management strategies have all been attained during this year. In addition to this, having the role of a teacher has enabled me to build on my many skills including resilience, patience and organisation. Seeing children progress as a result of my teaching is something I pride myself on.

Thus, from gaining extensive knowledge as a trainee teacher I believe I would be a great addition to a school community due to my contemporary teaching style, ability to adapt and create a nurturing environment for pupils to excel. More information...

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haylay myhan.jpgHayley Myhan - Primary with Maths

I am a caring and enthusiastic trainee teacher who is looking forward to qualifying in summer this year. I have experience working with children with a variety of different educational and physical needs through my past work, both paid and voluntary, and value inclusion in all of my work. During my placement at St Mary and St Thomas C of E Primary School, I adapted my teaching to allow all children to access learning, and used support staff in a targeted manner, which has been noted in observations by my mentor. I have worked with children from EYFS through to Year 13, meaning that I have a rounded knowledge of the curriculum which allows me to review and build on children’s prior learning and prepare them for the next stage in their education. I specialise in mathematics and believe that it is a creative discipline which must be child-led.  More information...

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joseph moon.jpgJoseph Moon - Primary with Maths

I have a lot on enthusiasm and passion for teaching and am very much looking forward to being offered the opportunity to have my own class that I can develop relationships with and promote positive outcomes.

I have spent the past academic year in St. Theresa’s Catholic Primary School where I have become a valued member of staff and developed into an extremely confident and capable teacher who has gained the respect of the pupils I have taught. Excellent subject knowledge coupled with strong behavioural management will make me a useful asset to any school.

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katherine harrigan.jpgKatharine Harrigan - General Primary

I am a skilled newly qualified teacher with a broad experience of working in education. I have a strong commitment to designing and delivering quality teaching and learning experiences that achieve excellent outcomes for children. I am organised, progress-oriented and caring in my approach, and underpin my practice with the belief that education should be inclusive of all learners. In striving to achieve teaching that develops independent learners with self-regulation skills, I put to use my degree-level knowledge of Grammar, English Language and Children’s Literature to embed strong literacy and spoken language skills in my learners. I chose teaching as a career in order to make a difference to the lives of children; I know first-hand the value of our practice as educators, and consistently work to develop the quality of outcomes I contribute to the profession.  More information...

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lorna pilling.jpgLorna Pilling - General Primay

Enthusiastic individual eager to help students learn and develop in academic, social, and emotional areas. I deliver effective sessions in a fun, educational, and inclusive manner. I take time aside to plan my sessions ensuring I encourage participation, differentiation and aim to challenge and inspire young people of any ability to reach their full potential. I am a highly motivated and hard-working individual who remains optimistic when challenged within a working environment. I have experience planning and delivering core and foundation subjects across both key stages and contributing to planning and delivering subjects remotely as well as in class teaching. I am a proactive individual who can adapt to sudden change and work extremely well under pressure. With a friendly and approachable personality, I have strived within various multiple customer-faced positions in which I have developed a high level of skills.  More information...

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lucy barker.jpgLucy Barker - General Primary

I am a very considerate, approachable and patient person; qualities that make me very well-suited to working with children. I am dedicated and enthusiastic and have received excellent feedback from my mentor during PGCE placements in Years 6 and 1 at St Aidan’s Primary School, Billinge. The majority of this experience has been spent in Year 6 which I have found to be both immensely rewarding and educational working with children during this period of their schooling. I have a positive personality that has successfully engaged the pupils during lessons that I have prepared and delivered. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience, helping children grow and mature, and inspiring them whilst playing an important role in shaping their future. I am keen to learn and develop my skills further to allow me to proceed on the pathway to becoming a qualified, experienced and successful teacher.
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niamh marland.jpgNiamh Marland - Primary with Maths

I am a proactive and passionate NQT, who plans and delivers inspiring and engaging lessons in all subjects. While my initial teacher training specialises in mathematics, my undergraduate degree in French and Hispanic Studies lends itself to a natural confidence and skill in teaching modern foreign languages.

I have experience teaching in Year 2 and Year 4 at St Ann’s C.E Primary School in Rainhill where I have built professional relationships with all staff. I also worked as an English language assistant in rural France, working across the equivalent of EYFS to Year 10.

My love for learning and enthusiasm for education is palpable in my teaching, providing learners with a motivating and caring role model.

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olivia adeniran.jpgOlivia Adeniran - General Primary

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated student teacher who has always had a passion for working with children. My passion for teaching and caring qualities really show through my teaching and I thrive off wanting children to be thoroughly engaged and study to the best of their ability. I have already completed a degree in Early Childhood and Education and look forward to receiving my teacher status with ages five to eleven.

I have experience teaching in Year Five at Plantation Primary School, as well as a short placement within Year two - where I quickly adapted to becoming part of the team. I communicate effectively with all staff and ensure I keep a professional manner at all times. My passion for teaching has become even stronger since being in a primary setting and I have shown a natural ability to teach, with excellent behaviour management skills throughout.  More information...

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rachel woosey.jpgRachael Woosey - General Primary

I am a dedicated NQT with previous experience working as a PE specialist in primary schools across all year groups. My recent teacher training experience has been in year 3 and year 1 at Sutton Manor Community Primary School where I have made strong positive relationships with staff and pupils. With a passionate approach to provide learning experiences and maintaining effective behaviour management strategies I have shown a natural ability for teaching. I have developed the strength to create a valuable learning environment while the national curriculum is followed. More information...

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Rhiannon Lucas-Thompson (1).jpgRhiannon Lucas-Thompson - Primary with Maths

Feedback from my mentors has consistently highlighted my positive attitude, my enthusiasm and my excellent relationships with pupils and staff. I thoroughly enjoy planning and delivering creative lessons that are engaging and inspiring to all children in my class.

I have completed student teacher placements in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 1 at St James’ Catholic Primary School in Orrell. I continued to build my experience during school closure in early 2021 due to the high numbers of children still attending school. Additionally, I have gained experience in remote teaching.

My experiences working at a summer camp for children from inner-city Philadelphia, over 80% of whom lived below the poverty line, further fuelled my ambition to work with children facing a variety of challenges. My goal in life is to make a difference through a career in teaching, empowering the next generation to make a difference of their own.   More information...

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Sean Toshach.jpgSean Toshach - Primary with Maths

I am a mature NQT who believes that every child is entitled to an outstanding education, without exception. My past professional experience includes working in the Television industry and studying a degree in Film Production, before I gained voluntary experiences at a local primary school. This is when I realised he had a passion for working with children. I proudly use my developed skills of creativity, communication and energy to promote children’s love of learning through a broad and balanced curriculum.

I have experienced teaching in Year 2 and Year 4 at Holy Family Catholic Primary School (Boothstown). I have relished being part of a close-knit team, ensuring that each child is feels loved and supported. I promote the values of peace, hope, trust and forgiveness within my teaching. I believe that an education is about educating the whole child, spiritually as well as academically, nurturing each pupil’s individual personality. More information...

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shauna adamson.jpgShauna Adamson - General Primary

I have always shown a passion and natural ability with children from a young age. When working with children from many different backgrounds and different settings, I have found that each child is different, and with inspiration and nature they can strive to achieve their very best potential and will accomplish great things. I have found no greater reward than helping to improve and enrich a child’s life. I believe it is essential to build relationships and surround children with positivity and care. This further enables a child to thrive within the classroom. I have recently been on placement at St Gerard’s Catholic Primary and Nursery School in Widnes on a year two placement. I believe I has been challenged and been given many opportunities to expand my teaching abilities both in school and remotely. I have become familiar with the EYFS methods of teaching through observations and a hands-on approach. More information...

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