NLE (National Leader in Education)

The NLE reform programme led to a number of improvements, and amongst these was feedback that we needed to provide greater clarity about the expectations of the role. In collaboration with the NLEs who supported this programme, the DFE have ensured that the updated conditions reflect and build on the great work you are already doing in the role as an NLE and lay out more clearly what NLEs and national support schools (NSSs) can expect from the DFE, and what in turn the DFE can expect from  the NLE and staff in their designated role.

A number of helpful clarifications have been incorporated which reflect the growing importance of the NLE/NSS role as an integral part of the school-led system, including;

  • clarifying the range of deployments which are considered core to the role of NLEs/NSSs, including pupil premium reviews for those NLEs registered as pupil premium reviewers;
  • confirming that support brokered by NLEs but involving leaders beyond the NSS, for example SLEs within the teaching school alliance or network of schools, also qualifies as a NLE deployment.
  • reflecting the role of individuals and organisations such as the RSCs, teaching schools council and others in the emerging school-led system, and;
  • encouraging NLEs to develop successors from their school(s) who may be eligible following their retirement or withdrawal from the role.

If you would like to find out more please contact:

For further information please read NLE Conditions of designation documentation- 2014 latest version. 

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